The following is what I have anticipated will be this site’s single frequently asked question.  As a bonus, I’ve tacked on my answer.

Who is THIS guy and why should I read his stupid blog?

First of all, please, take it down a notch.  Think of this as a really happening library.  Some of us are trying to think.  Personally, I’m trying to complete a sentence.

Where was I?  Oh, right.  I was telling you about myself.  I’ve been in school most of my life and have the student loans to prove it.  I’ve studied religion and Christian thought in college and at the graduate level.  My experience has been that education does not always throw open the doors of opportunity.  I have also learned that innovation is the key to survival; I am light on my feet.  I embrace accidents and aggravations as funny stories, thinking there is little reason to stave off laughter.

I’ve been a writer since I got my first set of wooden blocks.  Writing was the only thing I ever really enjoyed about school.  I wrote poems during math classes.  Over a four year period, I filled 34 composition notebooks with poetry and musings.  During college, I maintained a blog that was visited by thousands of people all over the world.  After I got married though, my writing fell by the wayside as my emotions leveled out and responsibility required I clock time at various soul-killing jobs.  Two years ago, when we became full-time caregivers of my terminally ill mother-in-law, I found myself without a job or any prospect of finding one.  I spent a fair amount of time freaking out until it occurred to me, this was what I had been wanting: time to write.  So, that is what I have been doing.

You should read my blog because it has been rumored that I make people think.  While this subject is under investigation, I’d like if you would see for yourself.

And it’s NOT a stupid blog.  It’s very smart.  You hurt it’s feelings, say you’re sorry.


One Response to About

  1. bajanpoet says:

    Well I concur on several points here. First, it’s not a stupid blog. It’s a very nice blog (*pat pat pat*)

    I’m all for thinking, and I LOVE writing. I wrote a lot more before I got married, like you, and I also wrote when I should be studying … (One time, I lied my way out of P.E. (Physical Education) class (I guess what you in the US would call ‘gym’ … at least, that’s what the sitcoms tell me!) so that I could finish a longish short story I was writing at the time.

    I saw you and your wife request to follow me (@bajanpoet) on Twitter, and I decided to come and say Hi! 🙂 Definitely will be back 🙂 Hop over to my own blog and leave a comment there too 🙂 Later!

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