Writing: What My Process Looks Like

I brainstorm lists of blog topics. I have realized though that these lists are a black hole, an almost sure fire way to guarantee I never write about those topics.

I’m not as bad as I used to be but I backspace like I restart video games which is chronically.

I sit in front of the monitor for hours everyday. I really am a slow writer.

Admittedly, I can’t help but feel that the payoff isn’t always worth the effort.

I hardly know how to write short, unless it’s a list. All my ideas are grandiose.

In addition to my slowness, I have undiagnosed ADHD. If you watched me you’d understand what I mean. I am constantly distracted.

The internet doesn’t help but even in a quiet room on my word processor these same problems plague me. There I am likely to fall asleep.

I come up with an idea I’m really excited about and then hit a wall and don’t complete the post for several days because I want to get it right.

This usually means that my blog suffers as I don’t move on to something else.

However, sometimes I do move on. My WordPress dashboard is  clogged with the partially completed drafts of my neglected ideas.

My plan every weekend is to write 5 complete posts for the new week. Typically, I manage only one.

I am never satisfied with anything I write in haste to fulfill my self-set standard of blogging daily.

Knowing this, I usually go to bed frustrated when I can’t get it together preferring to leave the task incomplete than to provide inferior content.


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2 Responses to Writing: What My Process Looks Like

  1. Have you thought of building up a backlog of posts and then scheduling them to post? Then you could, say, take a day to write several posts and tweak them through the week and have them post during the next week?

    • Chase says:

      Yeah. That’s what I did before I launched. The ones that remain no longer fit the vision of what I’m aiming for here. Like I said, I always intend for the weekend to be a way to store up posts for the new week but it doesn’t work out that way.

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