Being Mary Margaret

I love my mother-in-law.  I promise I do.

This is not a complaint.

But she has these talking spells right about this time every night.  I tend to forget about them until she starts up again.

But 11:00 central standard time is Mary’s Show.

Coincidentally, this is when I start to wind down.

Donna is in our room.  I told her I’d be a few minutes. I had something in mind to write for tomorrow.

I forgot about Mary’s Show. Consequently, that serious post ain’t happening.

I’ll go with Steve Winwood’s advice here.  Roll with it, baby.

You may be wondering, what is this show like? I’ll tell you.

These are highlights from tonight’s episode:

How does a tsunami happen?

Is it snowing in Japan?

<pointing to TV> What’s in those blue containers?

Oh, look.  Pierce Brosnan is having Yoko Ono on his show tonight.

Does Pierce always come on at 11:00?

Save $100 on your 1st month? How much does a storage unit cost?

How much did you pay when you had one in Nashville?

Look! Can you tell if it’s snowing?

See, the blue containers.

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