The Most Inspiring Commercial Ever!

Who knew yogurt and poetry and commercial advertising would go so well together?

Watch the video and ask yourself, “Is it really possible that someone can sell me something and WOW me at the same time?”  “Can it be? Can it?”

I wrote this after watching the video:

Silence can be a sentence or a moment to breathe it in.  From the hushed corner of the canvas rushed the sound of horses stirring.  What was beige was at once black and in a beat a blur of brown brushed passed.  The stallions in their majesty swept red and orange across the screen; sound overcame the serene but the noise was welcome.  All the creatures of the farm were alive with sound and motion, a chaotic commotion, a beauty.  This is no still life and still this is life alive with color and never nailed onto a wall.

If you look for inspiration, you will find it.  If you wait for it, it will never come.  So, open your eyes.

Watch the video and then bring your own blank page to life.

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