The Wisdom of Youth

Standing in the open car door, I asked my friend to make me a promise.  He was dropping me off after we had gone with his family and girlfriend to celebrate the end of high school.  The air was heavy with sentiment.  Or something.

I worried that we would lose our minds and turn into weird people we didn’t recognize.  In my fear, I was probably right.  That seems to be what happens.  I was thinking fast, hoping to find a way to prevent this from becoming our fate.  Off the top of my head and out of my mouth came the words to a promise, “Always be THIS foolish!”  He agreed.

It was settled.  At least I hoped it was settled.  I think he might have signed on for anything at that moment.  He had already been hurrying me along so he could go home.

Our commitment was to be the same idiots we had been.  Who resolves to be an idiot?  An idiot.  You’d have to be to think such a foolish proposition a worthy goal.  But then, I might have had something else in mind.

There was a part of me that was at risk of vanishing.  I didn’t despise the idea of growing up.  I just didn’t want to leave good parts of myself behind.  I wasn’t sure I could do anything about it but I was certainly going to try.

From what I could tell, the world had a way of ruining whatever was good about a person.

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2 Responses to The Wisdom of Youth

  1. Jenn Miller says:

    So… did you guys keep your promise?

    What “foolish” thing are you going to do next?


  2. Chase says:

    You know, probably not. I fell to the curse.

    I think my definition of foolish is a lot different than it was then. It wasn’t all worth holding onto but I have been trying to remember what was right about our way of thinking.

    My 18 year-old self would have approved of my plans to not be boxed in by the expectations and conventions set upon me, to play by my own rules so to speak, and to make fun wherever I could find it even amid ugly situations.

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