Deconstructing Suess

What Dr. Suess Didn’t Tell Us

Wow, it looks like Disney/Pixar owes somebody a thank you.

Dr. Suess has inspired generations to soar to high heights and see super sights, in a box with a fox wearing tube socks, to read and to grow and to learn.

No one can deny the impact that the man has had; his book about places is a gift for all grads.  Though there is one issue, one beef, one gripe that makes me mad:

He Never Told Us It Could Be So Bad!

Here now, I list 10 places he never warned we’d go.

1. On the side of the road with a broken down ride in the cold, all alone, late at night

2. At a soul-killing job, an insult to your brain, with no prospect ahead and your dreams down the drain

3. In a hospital room, posted bedside, as one whom you love lets go of their life

4. Under the world, after it has collapsed over you, and unable just yet to get up and move

5. In the aftermath of a love devastated, a heartbreak exposed, an image wasted

6. On stage before a room of elated faces who applaud your demise like flowers in vases

7. Far from home, with no fare to return, no phone in the wall or lesson to learn, just you disconnected

8. Subject to their terms and conditions, embracing an addictive perdition: destruction

9. Without hope to hold onto, without a scrap or crumb of food, empty, aching, and hollow

10. Lost, without a map or a compass, in open fields of emptiness, where every path is a circle

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8 Responses to Deconstructing Suess

  1. Dianne Schenk says:

    Way to make me nearly cry, Chase. Very poignant. Thanks for posting.

  2. Chase says:

    Thank you Dianne. 🙂 I assure you it was not my intention to nearly make you cry.

  3. Jack says:

    I was not nearly so successful as Diane.

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  5. Chase says:

    I had no idea this post had that in it. I had no intention of crafting a tear-jerker. Sorry for the sneak attack.

  6. You should turn this into a book with illustrations.

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